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About Us

Longo Consulting Group

Longo Consulting Group works with business leaders and managers in forming approaches and strategies to organizational effectiveness by improving leadership skills and team performance. Longo Consulting Group serves clients who strive to create the results they need across talent and leadership development, team building, succession planning, and change and transition management. Client programs are tailored for each individual and organization using a portfolio of tools. 

Who am i?

Jeff Longo serves as a strategic advisor for business leaders, earning trusted connections required to establish and maintain personal relationships that provide access to the hidden potentials behind quality growth experiences. 

Our Mission

Longo Consulting Group develops high-performing leaders by creating authentic, trusting relationships with our clients. 

Our Vision

Entrepreneurs have learned to work and think in a certain way. This way is their key to success. However their way does not always align with competent management and leadership skills. Because of this, too few make the transition from visionary to industry leader. 

Connect with us

Let us know how we can assist you with leadership development and talent management solutions for your organization. For inquiries or RFP's requiring a more personalized touch, we will deliver a proper response within 48 hours. 

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